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We carry pond kits that are created to help you simplify the installation process. All pond kits contain the appropriate components to build and maintain a professional water garden.

Aeration is a key component in water quality!

Aeration aids in improving the overall health of your pond water management plan because,

  • With oxygen present all the way to pond bottom, some phosphorous, which might otherwise be available for plant/algae growth, can be bound up and oxidized to form which is unusable by plants.

  • Organic muck decomposition on the bottom can be sped up in the presence of oxygen. Also with oxygen present on the bottom, you will find more sediment consuming organisms.

  • Greater densities of fish can be obtained.

  • Winterkill can be prevented and water flow can be protected in the winter months.

  • Lakes and ponds can be chemically and thermally destratified eliminating the build-up of harmful and odor producing gasses.

  • Water movement limits the success of mosquito reproduction.

  • Carbon dioxide will be vented to the air which could limit the amount available for algae.

Please contact us for more technical data about all our pond products and supplies.

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