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Irriland Corporation provides landscape supplies that include various systems to ensure a safe, thorough project is completed.  The available products include Tufftrack Grassroad Pavers, Root Barrier Panels, Root Barrier Sheet Material, Root Barrier Planter, Trunk Protector, Water Barrier and EZ Roll™ Grassroad Paver ™.

The pavers provided by Irriland Corporation eliminate sharp corners reducing liability to pedestrians and ensures the existing landscape remains intact.  The various plant barriers offer a strong support to the root systems, but also provide protection and drainage for watering purposes.

Our team at Irriland is available to offer technical consultation and training when required.  Additionally, our team is poised to provide the highest level of customer service to assist in your needs.  Upon consultation, we will work with you to meet your needs and help you complete your project on time and within budget.  We know how important that is and are committed to your success.


  Available Products

Tufftrack Grassroad Pavers

Root Barrier Panels

Root Barrier Sheet Material

Root Barrier Planter

Trunk Protector

Water Barrier

EZ Roll™ Grassroad Paver™

If you would like more info. about this product, please Click Here

If you would like more info. about this product, please Click Here

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